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Perennial shrubs, trees, and flowers will bloom year after year, providing you with a calming and beautiful outdoor space. Enjoy annual beauty without annual planting by turning to us for a perennial garden.

Enjoy a garden that's always there for you


A lot goes into a successful perennial garden. Make sure that you choose the team that knows the most about the flowers, ground cover, shrubs, trees, and other plants that grow best here in Upstate New York. Working with us will give you a

superior garden!

Choose the experts in perennials

Choose the locally owned and operated team that cares the most about your experience.

Enjoy beautiful plants every single year with a perennial garden.

Choose your plants

Trust our experts

You'll get a beautiful outdoor space that connects all the parts of your vision seamlessly when you turn to the regional experts in landscaping, maintenance, and hardscaping. Take advantage of all of our services, and completely control your yard and gardens! As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Make your garden a part of a larger plan

 •  Ground cover

 •  Flowers

 •  Leafy plants

 •  Shrubs

 •  Trees

 •  And more!

You'll get amazing results when you turn to the licensed, bonded, and insured team that's backed by more than 30 years of experience right here in the Hudson, New York area. Call us today!